Heaters Canada

Heaters Canada

Cost efficient heating systems finally available in Canada. We have the perfect solution for home owners, installers, architects and builders who are looking for a great heating and cooling system.  

Radiant heaters is the answer if you’re looking for healthy, quality heating.

Hot water based heating is rapidly gaining popularity in North America and Canada. After a long period dominated by forced air heating, customers are recognizing the difference in comfort and quality that hydronic heating brings to their living space. Hydronic heating has a long tradition. The innovations and changes in technology provide us with modern materials and methods to produce the ultimate in comfortable, efficient heating.

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Hydronic Panel Systems Inc. (HPSI) was established to design and assemble unique manifold panels for hydronic heating and cooling systems.
These units became very popular in recent years and HPSI will continue to supply existing customers who are already familiar with the benefits.
The other main objective is to promote the use and benefits of these preassembled manifold stations to further increase the customer base. For the last decade we have developed, designed and assembled these specially engineered manifold systems. Our expertise has been acquired by developing a full radiant heating product range for a leading manufacturer of heating products.
This development went hand in hand with extensive assembly methods and system solutions. At HPSI Canada, we have taken the years of research and development and combined them with practical on site installation, operation and customer service to provide you, our customer, with the very best manifold systems imaginable.

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